Our quality management system is designed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 standards and to be continuously developed.
All of our employees act according to the mission, vision and quality standards determined by the company with the motivation of moving our brand a step forward and within the framework of corporate work discipline.

To improve the quality and efficiency of the processes that we have established to meet the expectations of our domestic and foreign customers to the level that can compete at the international level and to reach the highest level with the understanding of continuous improvement.

Performing an effective high production that does not allow errors and aims to do right at first through the on-site quality system. Having the quality understanding and competence to maintain a sustainable product quality at the desired level by standardizing the products and business processes.

To act in line with the same goal with all employees based on the determined goals and management approach and to keep teamwork alive by providing effective and efficient communication. To contribute to the development of technical and behavioral skills of employees by providing training support.

To work effectively and efficiently in all processes based on knowledge, experience and data with a simple management approach.