Bulutlar Kuruyemiş was founded in Adana in 1984 by the Executive Board Members Ekrem Bulut under the leadership of the CEO, Şerafettin Bulut. While Bulutlar Kuruyemiş produced chickpeas initially, it soon started to operate in the wholesale and retail industries, as well and became a strong company which increased its brand value in a short time. 

Bulutlar Kuruyemiş expanded its product range in the early 1990s and realized its first import-export activity. Soon it became one of the leading brands in the nuts industry. In the 2000s, Bulutlar Kuruyemiş increased its export volume and adopted a corporate structure. Today, it has become a company that exports to multiple countries. 

Not compromising on the naturalness and quality of the products it produces, Bulutlar Kuruyemiş operates in an integrated structure extending from production to exports. 

Bulutlar Kuruyemiş continues its activities with the principle of quality, freshness, naturalness and taste-oriented production following the traditions in the light of the latest technology. It has strengthened its position in the sector with its ever-growing business volume. 

Bulutlar Kuruyemiş has increased its brand value with the importance it attaches to development, innovation, and technological investments that enhance the production quality and has managed to establish a trust-and love-based bond with its employees and customers.